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Yuasa L26-70 Car battery leisure 12V 70AH

Yuasa L26-70 Car battery leisure 12V 70AH

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Yuasa Leisureline L26-70 12v 70Ah Leisure battery

YuasaPart Number: L26-70
Voltage: 12v
Alternative Reference: 677
Ampere-Hour Capacity (20hr Rate): 70Ah
Cold Cranking Performance (Amps) SAE/EN1 : 450
Reserve Capacity (Minuites) : 105
Recommended Charge Rate (Amps) : 4
Dimensions (L x W x H) : 260 x 174 x 235
Mean Weight With Acid (Kg) : 18.5
Handels : YES
End Venting: YES



Yuasa LeisureLine are designed for leisure applications including caravans and marine use. They can be relied on to provide the maximum number of cycles when it’s not possible or practical to plug in to the mains.

Key Benefits
Ideal for caravans and leisure use
Maximum safety protection and venting

Ultimate Performance
The Leisureline battery has been developed especially for the European Leisure market. Yuasa has many years experience with leisure batteries and has used its extensive understanding of the market to design a battery that can meet the unique needs and requirements of its customers.

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