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Witter ZX202 Bolt-On Towball Mounted 2 Bike Cycle Carrier

Witter ZX202 Bolt-On Towball Mounted 2 Bike Cycle Carrier

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The ZX202 platform style cycle carrier from Witter takes up to two cycles of any size including a child’s. The carrier clamps to a UK towball using an adjuster screw. The platform will fold down allowing access to the car luggage compartment.


Easy coupling which fits most towbars
NEW cycle support arms fasten your bike safely to the cycle carrier. Add cycle carrier locks as an extra to secure your bicycles to the carrier.
Wheel handles on cycle support arms can be upgraded to lockable handles to secure cycles to the carrier
Tilts with cycles loaded for easy access to the vehicle’s boot
The low platform makes it easy for cycles to be loaded and unloaded
Adjustable wheel holders accommodate most cycle sizes
Supplied with light board and NEW 2in1 electric plug to accommodate both 7pin and 13pin sockets—no adaptor needed
Carrier requires an initial assembly taking approx 45 minutes (instructions are included in the box)Maximum payload – 34kg
Maximum weight per cycle - 17kg
Unladen weight - 10.9kg
+600mm for ferry dimensions
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