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Propex 6/10L Motorhome Water Storage Heaters 240V Only

Propex 6/10L Motorhome Water Storage Heaters 240V Only

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  • The inner tank is made of enameled steel plate – very tough, very strong, resistant to corrosion and water scale, giving a long life.
  • Ultra thick, Non-CFC Polyurethane Foam to prevent heat loss & reduce energy costs.
  • Clever design, novel and functional appearance makes it easy to mount in a bedbox, locker or under seat storage area.
  • Temperature meter and adjustment knob.
  • Multiple protection devices against, over temperature, over pressure and electricity-leakage.
  • Choice of pipe connections and comes fitted with 3 pin plug for fast and easy installation.
  • Technical Specifications

    Rated Voltage: 220V
    Rated Power: 800 W
    Rated Frequency: 50HZ/ 60HZ
    Rated Current: 4.1A
    Rated Pressure: 0.8MPa (116psi)
    Min Start-up Pressure: 0.05MPa (7psi)
    Rated Water Temperature: 75°C
    Fitted Socket: 250V, 16A
    Heating Efficiency: >90%

    Model No:                  Rated Volume:              Product Size (mm):                               NW (KG):             GW (KG):

    A1-6LH 6Litre 400x270x260mm 4.8 6.5
    A1-10LH 10Litre 600x270x260mm 4.8 6.5

    Mounting feet enable easy installation . Supplied water hose connector’s gives options of 12mm push fit female fitting or adapter to 12mm barbed hose connector.

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