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Thule Tension Rafters - G2 Wall / Roof

Thule Tension Rafters - G2 Wall / Roof

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Ensures an optimal tensioned awning fabric for a better wind resistance

Very easy to install: open your awning, place the rafter into the awning, and slightly roll up the awning fabric until the rafter is blocked

The rafter is made from durable materials such as anodized aluminum profiles in combination with high-impact plastics

2.0m rafters fit at the end only

2.00m Wall = 4200|4900|5003|5200 2.60m

2.00m Roof = 6002|6200|6300 2.60m

2.50m Wall = 4200|4900|5003|5200 3.0-5.0m

2.50m Roof = 6002|6200|6300 3.0-5.0m

2.50m 1200=1200 3.0-5.5m

2.75m Wall=8000 4.0-6.0m

3.00m Roof=9200 4.0-6.0m.


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