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Thule Force XT S Black Aero

Thule Force XT S Black Aero

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Versatile roof-mounted cargo box for everyday use.

Easy to mount thanks to the PowerClick quick-mount system. The integrated torque indicator clicks when it’s properly mounted, ensuring fast and secure fitting
DualSide opening provides easy access to all areas of the box, from either side of the vehicle
Comfortable to open and close thanks to the LockKnob that also helps to prevent damage to the Thule Comfort Key
Maximum space efficiency across a wide range of vehicle fits
Full trunk access with minimal risk of contact with the cargo box, thanks to its forward position on the vehicle roof

Technical Specifications 

Volume 300 L 400 L 450 L
External dimensions 139 x 89.5 x 39 cm 175 x 82 x 45.5 cm 190 x 84 x 46 cm
Internal dimensions 127 x 78 x 34 cm 162 x 71 x 40 cm 177 x 73 x 41 cm
Height off crossbar 39 cm 42 cm 43 cm
Load capacity 75 kg 75 kg 75 kg
Mounting system PowerClick PowerClick PowerClick
Weight 14.3 kg 16.4 kg 18.7 kg
Locking system Central lock Central lock Central lock
Locks included  -   -   - 
Colour Black Matte Black Matte Black Matte
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