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Power kit QI wireless charging mount

Power kit QI wireless charging mount

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Full kit: Slot/holder arm/holder for smartphone with wireless charging (Qi)

  • Wireless charging – convenient and easy charging of smartphone in holder
  • Individual adjustment feature – always find the optimum positioning of the add-on device in the holder arm, thanks to the four axis system
  • Irrespective of car model – many various positioning options in the car



Operating Voltage Max 10V-16V
Current Consumption 2A
Dimensions 118.5mm x 125.2mm x 39mm
Dimensions of telephone,  Min - Max  Height: any, width: 60mm - 90mm: depth: 6mm - 10mm
Charging Performance 5W
Charging Voltage VIA USB 5V
Charing current VIA USB 3A
Charging options Either inductive or through USB (USB has priority) 
Number of USB ports / types  1 / C type


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