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Thinkware External Rear/Side Camera

Thinkware External Rear/Side Camera

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AFHD 1080p External Rear & Side Camera with IR 5M+2M Lead

Thinkware’s BCFH-50W exterior infrared camera accessory is the perfect addition for RV owners or commercial drivers who need an externally mounted recording solution that can not be accomplished with a traditional dash cam.

The exterior infrared camera can be paired with a compatible Thinkware dash cam to record an additional angle in clear Full HD video resolution, or added to the MB100 Multiplexer accessory as part of a multichannel recording system.

Its built-in IR light is powerful enough to record footage in extremely low-light conditions, while its IP68-rated body allows it to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Compatible with F200Pro, F790, X700 & T700.

Clear video recording – BCFH-50W captures footage in high-quality 1080p Full HD video resolution

Waterproof and dustproof – BCFH-50W has a rugged IP68-rated body that is both waterproof and dustproof, allowing it to withstand harsh weather so you can feel confident that the exterior infrared camera will do its job no matter the conditions

Capture clear and detailed footage even at night time – The built-in infrared light (IR wavelength 940nm) illuminates the immediate surrounding and allows TWA-NIFRT to record details that are invisible to the human eye in dark conditions. During daytime, the exterior infrared camera records with accurate colour and balance

Multiplexer compatible – Compatible with Thinkware’s TWA-MB100 Multiplexer. The exterior infrared camera can be added to the Multiplexer accessory as part of a multichannel recording system and provide additional coverage where desired

Compatible with F200PRO, F790, T700 and X700 dash cams

Cable length: 20m

Dimensions: 45mm x 34mm x 43mm

126 Degree angle captures a wide field of view

Disclaimer: The package includes only one BCFH-50W camera and requires a compatible Thinkware dash cam.


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