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Thinkware 64GB micro SD with adaptor

Thinkware 64GB micro SD with adaptor

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Compatible with U1000, X1000, Q1000, Q800Pro, F800Pro, F790, F770, T700, X700, F200Pro, F200, F100, F70 & M1 Motorsports Cam 

Thinkware Memory Cards (MicroSD Cards)

Fully tested and proven for Thinkware Dash Cams, Thinkware Memory Cards are designed and tested for secure data storage.

Memory cards store the video files created by your dash cam until overwritten or deleted. Your memory card needs to be in good working condition to ensure safe storage of your valuable files.

Optimized for use with THINKWARE dash cams

Thinkware Memory Cards use Sudden Power Off Recovery (SPOR) technology which reduces the chance of data corruption.

The UHS-I speed class rating delivers high-speed file transfer performance compared to a regular memory cards.

This product has a 6 month warranty.


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