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Solar Marine Controller 10A 12V/24V Waterproof IP67

Solar Marine Controller 10A 12V/24V Waterproof IP67

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The marine solar charge controller is a waterproof PWM charge controller that adopts the most advanced digital technology. The multiple load control modes enable it to be widely used on home solar systems, field monitoring, traffic signals, solar street lighting and due to the IP67 waterproof rating ideal for marine solar systems. 

Electronic Protections

  • Short circuit & over current - solar & load
  • Reverse polarity - solar, load & battery
  • Reverse current at night
  • High voltage - load
  • Lightning - solar, load & battery


  • Maximum Solar Input Power: 120 Watts @ 12V - 240 Watts @ 24 Volts
  • Supports 3 charging options: Sealed, Gel and Flooded
  • Multiple load control modes
  • Battery temperature compensation function
  • Microcontroller digital accuracy
  • PWM charge mode & state of charge (SOC)
  • Fully automatic operation & electronic protections
  • Waterproof rating IP67

The controller comes with cables attached providing a waterproof seal to the unit, when extending these cables we recommend heat shrink sleeving is used to create a waterproof seal around the join.


  • 108.5mm x 64mm x 25.6mm

Intended use:

For use with solar panels up to a maximum of 10A

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