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POWERPLUS 027 Heavy duty car batter 12V

POWERPLUS 027 Heavy duty car batter 12V

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ALL Batteries are Fully Charged, Load Tested, Crank Tested and Leak Tested before dispatch.

  • Length (mm): 243
  • Width (mm): 175
  • Height (mm, to top of terminals): 190
  • Gross weight (kg): 16
  • Product CCA (SAE): 590
  • Product Ampere Hours: 63
  • Product Terminal Layout: T0
  • Product Warranty (Years): 4
  • Product Voltage: 12

Type HD 027 - 63ah | 590 cca | 12 Volt Car Battery : Advanced Battery Supplies branded car batteries are of the highest quality and are manufactured to original equipment specification by leading companies.

This battery incorporates High Cranking Amps (CCA) for superior starting power, Silver Calcium Technology, Envelope Seperation, Unique Venting System, Strong Carry Handles, Vibration Proof Container and Totally Maintenance Free operation


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