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DATATOOL Evo Plus - Single Circuit Immobiliser/Alarm

DATATOOL Evo Plus - Single Circuit Immobiliser/Alarm

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The Datatool Evo Plus is a combined alarm/single circuit immobiliser system designed for motorcycles and scooters with a 12v battery. The Datatool Evo Plus utilises a sophisticated movement sensor to monitor the vehicle for signs of unauthorised movement as well as providing hotwire/forced ignition protection and under seat storage protection via a magnetic seat switch.


Motorcycle alarm immobiliser Datatool Evo Plus – Single Circuit Immobiliser

Designed for installation either by a competent home mechanic or your local motorcycle dealer, the Datatool Evo Plus provides an increased level of security over a standalone alarm but without the complexity and cost of a full Thatcham Category 1 approved system.

The Datatool Evo Plus feature list includes:

  • Adjustable Sensitivity: 3 levels of movement sensitivity to ensure maximum protection without false alarms.
  • Transport Mode: Ability to arm without movement sensing if the bike or scooter is being transported.
  • PIN Override: With a factory programmed random PIN code the unit can be deactivated if a remote control is damaged or lost.
  • Alarm Diagnostics: If the alarm has triggered whilst you were away, the Datatool Evo Plus will bleep a code to tell you which input caused the trigger.
  • Panic Mode: The ability to trigger the alarm from the remote control
  • Bike Finder: The ability to flash the indicators 10 times from the remote to locate your bike in a bike park.
  • Automatic Rearm: With this optional feature enabled, the Datatool Evo Plus will rearm automatically if the alarm is disarmed and the engine isn’t started within 30 seconds.
  • Arm/Disarm Tones: Another optional feature, the Datatool Evo Plus can be programmed to ‘chirp’ on arm and disarm and there are 2 options on the ‘chirp’ volume. Note: Certain countries including the UK require alarms to arm/disarm silently, check legislation for your country.
  • Storage Mode: The Datatool Evo Plus can be completely deactivated for long term storage with the bike/scooter remaining immobilised until the alarm is reactivated.
  • Battery Voltage Monitoring: The deterrent LED will flash at a reduced rate to indicate the vehicle battery is getting low.

In addition to the deterrent effect of the LED, the Datatool Evo Plus is not supplied with a ‘Protected by Datatool’ decal to highlight to potential thieves that security is installed.

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