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Indel B SECOP Compressor Travel Cool Box

Indel B SECOP Compressor Travel Cool Box

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Indel B SECOP Compressor Travel Cool Box has a capacity of 13L. The special line refrigerators allow maximum use of all cabin space. They easily adapt and can be installed in the smallest spaces of trucks, motorhomes and vans. Small on the outside but very spacious inside thanks to the brand new SECOP BD1.4 micro compressor. Made with top-quality materials, TB13 is designed to be installed, thanks to its fixing plate, even in the smallest spaces, i.e. between the two front seats. The new compressor makes this “mini” refrigerator incredibly performing, with very low power consumption. Included with battery protection. Refrigerant gas: R134a

Certifications: CE, EMC, ROHS


Brand Indel B
Type Portable Fridges
Voltage Description 12V - 24V DC
Model TB13
Height Description 360mm (0.36m)
Width 225mm (0.25m)
Depth 535mm (0.53m)
Weight 11kg
Colour Black
Wattage Power absorption: 36W
Consumption 0.24 (kWh/24h)
Capacity Description 13 Litres
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