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Indel B LiON Cooler X40A Mobile Portable Refrigerator 40 Litre

Indel B LiON Cooler X40A Mobile Portable Refrigerator 40 Litre

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A portable 40 litre LiON coolbox from Indel B equipped with a lithium battery, allowing the coolbox to be charged ahead of a day trip. When fully charged, the battery provides up to 21 hours of life, without having to plug the unit into an energy source. On longer trips where the user does not have access to charge the cooler, a spare lithium battery can be used (see product code 32610) to easily replace a dead battery.

This lightweight coolbox features two rubber wheels and a retractable pull handle. The control unit has a user-friendly digital interface and integrated Bluetooth connection, enabling the user to monitor and operate the temperature settings.

The lithium battery can be charged using the Indel B External AC/DC Battery Charger, product code 32612, or using the Indel B Folding Solar Panel 90W, product code 32613.


Dimensions 509 x 635 x 405mm
Brand Indel B
Type Coolboxes
Voltage Description 12-24V DC ( + 230V AC optional)
Model X40A
Weight 14.9kg
Wattage 45W
Capacity Description 40 Litres (10.6 US Gallons)
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