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Indel B Cruise Compressor Fridge 100L

Indel B Cruise Compressor Fridge 100L

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Indel B CR100 has a capacity of 100L and is a neat and tidy built In compressor fridge are designed for long motorhome journeys. Cruise refrigerators are true compressor refrigerators with high performance comparable to the fridge in your home and are designed for safe food temperature storage. Cruise 100 is one of the largest motorhome refrigerators in its class, and can also hold bottles of up to 1.5 litres both on the rack and inside, thanks to the practical adjustable shelves. Included with battery protection. Refrigerant gas: R134a

Certifications: CE, E-mark, EMC


Brand Indel B
Type Integrated Fridges
Voltage Description 12V - 24V DC
Model CR100
Height Description 745mm (0.74m)
Width 485mm (0.48m)
Depth 500mm (0.5m)
Weight 22.5kg
Colour Black
Wattage Power absorption: 60W
Consumption 0.4 (kWh/24h)
Capacity Description 100 Litres (26.4 US Gallons)
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