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Thule LED strip 4m-6m

Thule LED strip 4m-6m

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  • Warm white light with the light starkness
  • 60-70 power LEDs per meter
  • Power consumption 340-380mA per meter
  • Working voltage 12 VDC
  • Suitable for outdoor usage: waterproof IP65
  • Can also be used inside the vehicle to create more light
  • Can be shortened each 5 cm to fit the right length
  • Comes with high-quality 3M tape on the back to stick to most standard surfaces
  • Available in  4, 5, or 6m strips, can be shortened each 5cm
  • White light, starkness up to 300 Lumen
  • 1-meter connection cable included
  • Mounting rails required for 5200 & 6200/6300/9200
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