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Thinkware Hardwiring Cable

Thinkware Hardwiring Cable

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Installation of the hardwiring cable to your vehicle’s fuse panel enables the built-in Parking Surveillance Mode in your THINKWARE Dash Cam, while you are away from your vehicle.

All Thinkware Dashcams can then monitor your vehicles Battery and will shut down if it detects it getting low.

Compatible with all THINKWARE Dash Cam models except for the M1 Motorsport Cam or F790 Dash Cam

Enables parking surveillance mode

Wires into permanent Live, Ignition live and earth

Fused permanent Live and Ignition live

12V and 24V compatible

Supplied with 3 metre long cable

Suits all THINKWARE dash cams (excluding M1 & F790 models)

We highly recommend having a professional install your dash cam power.

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