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DRC4310 Digital Wireless Rear View Camera System

DRC4310 Digital Wireless Rear View Camera System

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This wireless camera system is ideal for car, truck, RV, caravan or trailer. It is very easy to mount on the windshield or dashboard.

The camera activates automatically when reversing, has a built-in 4.3 LCD display with distance indicator and features 6 IR LEDs for better night vision and 2.4 Ghz digital wireless transmitting.

The connection voltage is 12V/24V and the DRC4310 is expandable with a second camera (20242).

Robust Color Camera for attachment on the number plate. Helps to ensure safe parking, observation of the traffic. 
Easy installation of the camera using the number plate mounting plates.
System starts automatically as soon as you go into reverse.
No interference from Bluetooth, WLAN, etc.
Transmitter in the built-in camera
Automatic day/night switch, Distance scale lines, IR add-on light, tiltable, swivelling
4.3" Monitor
2.4Ghz wireless connection
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