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Dometic RC 10.4 - Double-Hinged Door - 70LTR OR 90LTR Fridge

Dometic RC 10.4 - Double-Hinged Door - 70LTR OR 90LTR Fridge

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10-series compressor refrigerator is ideal for installation in panel vans, boats, or anywhere ventilation presents a challenge. The versatile and spacious interior, including a removable freezer compartment, and a door that opens to the left and right offer convenient storage options. On top of all that, its cooling power is the best in class!

The integrated front ventilation panel of the 10-series compressor refrigerator enables installation without the need for an extra ventilation opening at the back of the fridge. This innovative solution makes the RC 10.4 perfect for boats or for a van conversion project. In particular, the popular Fiat Ducato panel van can be retrofitted with this excellent cooling performer.

  • New, attractive cabinet design - optimized for Fiat Ducato
  • Double-hinged door - opens left and right without the need to change the hinge
  • Best-in-class cooling performance - tested and proven in the Australian outback
  • Maximum storage flexibility thanks to patented removable freezer compartment
  • Boost function for fast cool-down of food items
  • Ventilation via front panel only, therefore no additional opening is necessary
  • Pleasantly quiet and economical operation in night mode
  • Elegant aluminum door handles extend over the entire fridge height
  • Two versions available with a 70 or 90-litre capacity

Colour Black

Thermostat control Electronic Thermostat

Interior light Yes, LED

70Ltr - Dimensions depth 450 mm, height 821mm, width 420mm - Weight 19.5kg

90Ltr - Dimensions depth 485 mm, height 975mm, width 420mm - Weight 21.4kg

Dometic RC10.4S.70, RC10.4T.70, RC10.4S.90, RC10.4T.90, RC10.4P.100, RC10.4M.90, RCS10.5S, RCS10.5T, RCS10.5XS, RCS10.5XT, RCL10.4E, RCL10.4ES, RCL10.4ET, RCD10.5S, RCD10.5T, RCD10.5XS, RCD10.5XT(R600a) - Quick Start Guide EMEA(zxx)

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