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Dekasyl MS5 290ML Cartridges

Dekasyl MS5 290ML Cartridges

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A MS Polymer based adhesive with a high green strength and is suitable for making elastic constructive joints. Due to its high green strength clamping times can often be reduced or clamps may not be required. Dekasyl MS-5 can also be used as sealant, if similar material (similar stiffnesses) are joined together or if mechanical fastening methods are used.

Description: MS-Polymer elastic adhesive and sealant
Colour: Black, white
Applications: Glass and PMMA windscreens, sideskirts, frames, roofs
Substrates: PMMA, PVC, glass, aluminium, lacquers, galvanized steel, polyester
Features: High green strength, very good UV-resistance and ageing properties, no special surface treatment
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