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Thule Panorama Room For 6200 / 6300 Awning Fitted On a Ducato H2 Van

Thule Panorama Room For 6200 / 6300 Awning Fitted On a Ducato H2 Van

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Easy-to-mount awning tent that provides stunning views and ventilated comfort. Perfect roof sealing thanks to clamping profiles to mount the side panels and connect them with the awning fabricOptimal closing due to zipper connecting the front and side panels sell off the space between the vehicle wall and the side panel using an adjustable mast profile with double rubber flaps.

High stability thanks to diagonal support between the mast profile and the clamping profile fresh air in by fully removing the large front and side windows or opening them vertically to use as a door perfect air circulation when the tent is closed via aerations on both sides. Two side windows are also equipped with mosquito mesh.

Clean appearance with front panel that hides support legs Watertight Airtex 100% polyester fabric absorbs almost no moistureWindslip is included to seal off the bottom of your vehicle 2 storage bags are included: one for the tent and one for the profiles.

Curtains are optional. See 301563.

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