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Thule Residence G3 For Ducato H2 Transit H3

Thule Residence G3 For Ducato H2 Transit H3

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Thule Residence G3 - For Ducato H2 & Transit H3

310205 Side Panels will fit either a 5200 awning fitted to a Ducato H2 Lift Roof model, or a 6300 awning fitted to a standard H2 Roof.

310218 Side Panels are suitable for 5200 awnings fitted to the Ford Transit H3 model. Ducato Sides must be used in combination with Ducato Fronts so panels/windows align correctly.

Create your own tent: side & front panels need to be ordered separately

The tent is delivered with clamping profiles to mount the side panels and connect them with the awning fabric for perfect roof sealing

Perfect sealing: a foam pad with strap guarantees full sealing to the vehicle wall to avoid wind from entering high quality welded PVC fabric for optimal wind and water tightness.

Windslip is included with the front panel and is equipped with push buttons for easy installation to the side of the van.

For setup instructions please click this > Pdf link.

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