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AVON Electronic Smart Charger 4Amp 6/12v

AVON Electronic Smart Charger 4Amp 6/12v

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AC1240IC Avon 6/12V 4Amp Smart Charger

4A 6/12V electronic smart charger fully automatic dual voltage smart charger recommended for a wide range of vehicles up to 2.5L (2500cc)

Suitable for use with 6V & 12V lead-acid and 12V AGM batteries of 1.2Ah to 120Ah
Input : 230V AC 50Hz 0.6A
Outputs: 6V: 4A DC 12V:4A DC

Automatic detection of battery voltage & condition
Automatic charging current selection
4 charging modes : 12V Standard, AGM & Winter; 6V Standard
5 stage charging cycle automatically detects the battery voltage and condition before re-conditioning, charging and maintaining the battery
Memory function automatically re-starts charging if interrupted
LCD display indicators showing: reverse polarity, faulty connection, faulty battery, battery level, 12V winter charge and 6/12v slow and fast charge
Interchangeable 1.5m battery clip & ring terminal connector leads included
Overload, reverse-polarity and short circuit protection
Manufactured to European electrical safety standards
Suitable for low maintenance and maintenance-free batteries

Easy and safe to use
Compact and robust design
High frequency charger - does not have a transformer
Not recommended for use with GEL batteries

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