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WITTER F141W Ford Transit Vans 2000- (RWD only) Complete grip tape towbar step system

WITTER F141W Ford Transit Vans 2000- (RWD only) Complete grip tape towbar step system

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Towbar Towsteps (Price does not include fitting)

Witter Towbars supply a full range of quality heavy duty single and double sided towsteps that have been designed to complement their range of towbars. All of our accessory range is manufactured to the highest standards, to ensure good life and performance in the most arduous of towing conditions.

A heavy duty full width towstep with an anti slip grip surface and coupling cover. Complete with an EC type approved towbar, 3.5 Ton universal coupling and plug in electrics.

The product is finished in a yellow powder coating on a continuous fully integrated Shot Blast, Treatment and Powder Coat paint line facility. The products after leaving the Shot blast machine are immediately passed through a 7 stage zinc phosphate pre-treatment system in which the bare metal surface is chemically prepared to ensure effective adhesion of the final powder coating. Zinc phosphate is used rather than the more common Iron phosphate pre-treatment. Zinc provides a higher quality of protection than Iron, and is a more complex and expensive process. The product continues its journey into an oven to remove any trace of moisture on the surface before having the powder coating applied. Four automatic oscillating guns apply a very durable automotive specification resin coating (paint finish) which is cured at temperatures of approximately 220 degrees Celsius. The powder coating provides a robust and long lasting protective finish to the product. You can have confidence that the paint finish is built upon layers of technology designed to meet the arduous conditions experienced in its lifetime of Towing.

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