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DATATOOL Motorcycle Security Cover Sizes M, L or XL

DATATOOL Motorcycle Security Cover Sizes M, L or XL

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The Datatool motorcycle security cover is the first and only cover that warns potential thieves that there may be a security system fitted to your motorcycle or scooter.

Most bike covers hide the LED from your alarm or immobiliser but thanks to the highly visible ‘Datatool Security Protected’ decal on both sides there will be no doubt you take your security seriously.

The cover itself is waterproof and breathable, with a large reflective strip for safe use whilst parking on the road.

The Datatool motorcycle security cover doesn’t just help protect your machine from the elements but acts as an extra layer of visual security.

Currently available in the following sizes:

Medium 187 x 93 x 120cm - Small -600 Supersports

Large 195 x 95 x 125cm - Superbikes - Tourers

XL 265 x 105 x 125cm - Large Tourers - Cruisers


Waterproof yet breathable lightweight motorcycle / scooter cover
Reflective strip for when parking on the road
Branded with ‘Datatool Security protected’ as a visual deterrent
Protects your bike or scooter from the weather and prying eyes
Three size options: Medium, Large and Extra Large
Tie down eyelet for secure fitting



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